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FatMax Pocket Tape 10m/33ft (Width 32mm)

The Stanley FatMax Pocket Tape has a Mylar coated steel blade with large markings in both metric and imperial graduations. With BladeArmor® coating on the first 150mm for extended blade life. The 32mm wide blade, offers a standout of 4m. This coating makes it 10 times more impervious to damage from wear and tear than your average lacquer coated blade.

The exceptionally tough bi- material case has incoportated cushion grip areas that provide sturdy, slip-resistant hold. Fitted with a 3-rivet, corrosion resistant, tru-zero hook that is 150% larger than traditional end hooks. Its shape enables to the side, overhead as well as the more regular type of measurements.

Technical Specs

Blade Length: 10m/33ft.
Blade Width: 32mm.
Accuracy: EC Class II.

Price £31.94
Delivery Status: Will be despatched next working day
brandlogo Code: STA533896
Stock: Will be despatched next working day

Box Content

1 x Stanley FatMax Pocket Tape 10m/33ft (Width 32mm)

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