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Drum Auger 25ft

The Faithfull PDRAUG25 is an easy to use drum auger that is designed to remove blockages from household pipes and drains when plungers and chemicals fail to work. The auger utilises a 7.6m/25ft x 6mm/1/4in flexible spring steel shaft with a barrel end that can be rotated to clear away blockages and is easily retracted into its case after use for safe storage.

The auger has a sturdy plastic body manufactured from PE and ABS wipe clean plastic and features both an integral winding and pistol grip handle that help make the auger easy to use. Once fully retracted the spring steel shaft can be locked in place using the locking thumb screw.

No chemicals are required to help remove the blockage, making this a safe and environmentally friendly product.


Drum Auger 25ft

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Box Content

1 x Faithfull Drum Auger 25Ft

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