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J.161 Ratchet 3/8in Drive

This Facom ratchet has a 3/8 inch drive to fit 3/8 inch sockets and extensions. With a comfortable and non-slip shaped handle, the ratchet esures excellent grip. Its palm control system allows easy reversal even with gloves or greasy hands. The mechanism has 72 teeth giving 5 degree increments, and the ratchet has a satin chrome finish.

Performance: conforms to ISO 3315, DIN 3122 and NF ISO 3315.

Technical Specs

Length: 175mm
Weight: 211g

Price £57.28
Delivery Status: Will be despatched today
brandlogo Code: FCMJ161
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Box Content

1 x FCMJ161 J.161 Ratchet 3/8 in Drive

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Name Drive Teeth Increment Type Price
Ratchet 3/8in Drive
BAH38RAT Bahco
3/8in £41.63
Round Head Ratchet 3/8in Drive
BRIE031701B Expert
3/8in £40.20
Swivel Head Reversible Ratchet 3/8in Drive
BRIE031703B Expert
3/8in £55.18
Pear Head Ratchet 3/8in Drive
BRIE113848B Expert
3/8in £43.39
E031706 Pear Head Ratchet 3/8in Square Drive
BRIE031706 Expert
3/8in 72 Quick Release £43.40
Flexible Head Ratchet 3/8in Drive
BRIE031702B Expert
3/8in £59.99
E031612B Ratchet 3/8in Drive - Steel Handle
BRIE031612B Expert
3/8in £39.76
Ratchet Handle Quick Release 72 Teeth 3/8in Drive
FAISOCRAT38 Faithfull
3/8in £17.47
J.161 Ratchet 3/8in Drive
FCMJ161 Facom
3/8in £57.28
J.161B Ratchet 3/8 Drive Comfort Grip
FCMJ161B Facom
3/8in 72 £57.28
3/8in Square Drive Rotator Ratchet
FCMJ360PB Facom
3/8in 60 Rotator £78.71
Ratchet Handle 3/8in Drive
STA486396 Stanley Tools
3/8in £16.69
Microtough Ratchet Handle 3/8 Square Drive
STA485577 Stanley Tools
3/8in £23.58
Quick Release Ratchet Fibre Handle 45 Tooth 3/8in Drive
TEN3800FRP Teng
3/8in £34.99
Steel Ratchet 72 Teeth 3/8in Drive
TEN380072N Teng
3/8in £45.99
Zyklop 8004B Metal-Switch Slim Ratchet 3/8in drive
WER004034 Wera
3/8in £39.83
Zyklop Metal-Push Slim Ratchet 3/8in Drive
WER004033 Wera
3/8in £52.28
Zyklop Speed Ratchet 8000B 3/8in Drive 199mm
WER073261 Wera
3/8in £63.40
Ratchet 3/8in Drive Fine 60 Teeth
STW422N Stahlwille
3/8in £55.13
Ratchet 3/8in Drive Quick Release
STW435QR Stahlwille
3/8in £70.45
Quick Release Fine Tooth Ratchet 3/8in Drive
STW1211QR Stahlwille
3/8in 80 4.5° Fine Tooth £74.74

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