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Toolbank have in stock one of the widest choices of quality branded Plumbing Tools in the UK.

Pipe Cutters:>Pipe Cutters:  Pipe cutters give a fast clean cut and more convenient way of cutting pipe than using a hacksaw. There are three main types of pipe cutters:
For Copper and other metal pipe;
These fall into two groups; Adjustable Pipe Cutterse Pipe Cutters with jaw grips for use on thicker pipes (typically used by Plumbers) and ones that allow single handed operationnded operation , typically used by both the DIYer and plumbers, these pipe cutters are ideal for use in restricted spaces. Both types rotate around the pipe until they cut all the way through
For Plastic Pipes;
The Plastic Pipe Cuttersc Pipe Cutters look much like a pair of pruning shears, may be used for thinner pipes and tubes such as a sprinkler pipe,HEP20 PVE , PER, MDP and polyethylene pipe tubes. 

Pipe & Tube Benderse Benders These manual pipe and tube benders range from the Hilmor UL223 Universal Benderiversal Bender right down in capacity size to the Record Irwin 210 Mini Bender10 Mini Bender. The ever popular GLM MinorGLM'>GLM Minor and the Faithfull Combination Benderination Bender are both suitable for all standard 15mm and 22mm pipe work. The pipe bending springsending springs allow for (with care!) pipe bending by hand, ideal for small number of bends.

Drain & Sink Cleaning ToolsCleaning Tools  Including Plungers for Sinks & Toilets & Toilets, Drain & Sink Augersp; Sink Augers for deeper blockages and from Bailey  Drain Rods with either Lockfast9982'>Lockfast or Universal Fittingsersal Fittings, both of which are suitable for Chimney Cleaning as well.

Gas Burners & Accessoriesp; Accessories - A wide range of Failed to find Class, Canisters450'>Canisters and Spares.11398'>Spares.

Gas, Pipe & Drain Installation Toolsallation Tools : A range of professional installation equipment for Gas & Plumbing engineers.

Plumbing & Heating Tools Heating Tools : A wide and comprehensive range of tools required for plumbers and heating engineers . IncludingCompression Spannersssion Spanners, Olive Removing ToolsRemoving Tools, Socket FormingSocket Forming & Swaging Tools>Swaging Tools, Pipe Preparationse Preparations, Pipe Vices26'>Pipe Vices & TripodsD5497'>Tripods, Smoke Testers>Smoke Testers, and Tap Reseaters>Tap Reseaters

Tools for Roofing & Sheet Metal Workeet Metal Work including Dressing Sticksressing Sticks, Failed to find Classef='/2403/c/D9450'>Chase Wedges & Turnpins& Turnpins and Failed to find Class/p>

Also available from stock we have a massive range of Basin WrenchesBasin Wrenches , Immersion Heater Spannerseater Spanners, Manhole Keys'>Manhole Keys, Radiator Keys>Radiator Keys and Stopcock Keys>Stopcock Keys, also within this section is a Pop Up Waste Installation Tooltallation Tool


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