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Faithfull Tools


Categories that feature Faithfull

1/2 Orbital Sanding Sheets1/2in Drive Accessories1/2in Drive Socket Sets1/2in Drive Sockets - Metric1/3 Orbital Sanding Sheets1/4 Orbital Sanding Sheets1/4in Drive Accessories1/4in Drive Socket Sets10m - 33ft Pocket Tapes125-152mm Circular Saw Blades155-173mm Circular Saw Blades180-190mm Circular Saw Blades200-216mm Circular Saw Blades230-235mm Circular Saw Blades250-260mm Circular Saw Blades3/8in Drive Accessories3/8in Drive Socket Sets3/8in Drive Sockets - Metric300-400mm Circular Saw Blades30m- 100ft Long Tapes50m - 165ft Long Tapes5m - 16ft Pocket Tapes8m - 26ft Pocket TapesAdjustable WrenchesAdzesAnti-Slip TapeAsphalt & Tarmac RakesAuger BitsAutomatic Centre PunchesAviation Compound SnipsAxe HandlesBack Box CuttersBacking PadsBall Pein HammersBasin & Tap WrenchesBattery Chargers & Jump LeadsBattery TestersBeltsBench HooksBench StonesBiscuit Jointers - Accessories & BladesBits & Holders - FaithfullBlacksmith DrillsBlades for Cordless SawsBlock PlanesBlocking HammersBolt Cutters - Centre CutBolt Cutters - Close Clipper CutBolt Cutters - End CutBorder ForksBorder SpadesBowsaws & BladesBox Spanners SetsBracesBradawlsBrick & Masons LinesBrick & Mortar HammersBrick BolstersBrick HodsBrick Jointers & RakersBrick TongsBrick Trowels - London PatternBrick Trowels - Philadelphia PatternBroom AccessoriesBroom HandlesBroom Heads OnlyBrooms With HandlesBucket TrowelsBucketsBuilders ProfilesBungee CordsCabinet ScrapersCable Cutters & ShearsCable Laying ShovelsCable TiesCar Jacks & TrolleysCarpenter's PencilsCement EdgersCentre & Edge Finding SetsCentre PunchesChains - BallChains - DecorativeChains - GalvanisedChains - PlasticChains - Spares & AccessoriesChains - Zinc PlatedChainsaw FilesChalk Line ReelsChalk LinesChalk PowderChasing ChiselsChisel, Bit & Tool RollsChucks & Chuck KeysChurn BrushCirclip Pliers External BentCirclip Pliers External StraightCirclip Pliers Internal BentCirclip Pliers Internal StraightCirclip Pliers SetClamp HeadsClaw Hammers Fibreglass ShaftClaw Hammers Steel ShaftClaw Hammers Wooden ShaftClub HammersCold ChiselsCombination PliersCombination Squares & SetsCombination, Protractor & Depth GaugesCompression Fitting SpannerConcrete ChiselsContracters Paint BrushesCoping Saws & Spare BladesCore Drill AccessoriesCorner TrowelsCountersink BitsCove MitresCrimped Wire Brushes for Bench GrindersCrimped Wire Cup Brushes for GrindersCup Brushes with ShanksCutting GaugesDamp Detectors & TestersDarbiesDeadblow HammersDecorator Paint BrushesDetail Sanding SheetsDiagonal & Side Cutting PliersDiamond Core DrillsDiamond Discs - Abrasive MaterialsDiamond Discs - Hard & Universal CuttingDiamond Discs - Mortar RakingDiamond Discs - Tile CuttingDiamond Drills, Tile & Glass DrillsDiamond WhetstonesDigging Bars & Large CrowbarsDigging ForksDigging SpadesDigital & Infrared ThermometersDividers - SpringDoor & Board LiftersDouble Sided & Carpet TapesDowellingDrain & Chimney Rod SetsDrain & Sink CleanersDraining ShovelsDressing SticksDrill Press VicesDrywall & Plasterboard SawsDrywall & Pole SandersDust Sheets & Dust CoversDusting BrushesDustpans & BrushesEarth RammersEdging ClampsEdging Knives & IronsEdging ShearsElectricians Insulation TapeElectronic CalipersEnd BrushesEnd Cutting Pliers & Carpenters PincersEngine Consumables & Fuel ProductsEngineers ScrapersEngineers ScribersEngineers SquaresExpanding Filler GunsExquisite Paint BrushesExtending PolesExtension Poles & Top PrunersFaithfull Box LevelsFaithfull Holesaws & ArborsFaithfull PadlocksFaithfull Router BitsFaithfull Sabre Saw BladesFaithfull ScrewdriversFeather Edges & Screeding LevelsFelling AxesFencing & Twisting PliersFencing Mauls & Post RammersFile HandlesFile Sanding BeltsFile SetsFilecard BrushesFitch BrushesFlap Discs for GrindersFlap WheelsFlat BitsFlat Long, Snipe & Needle Nose PliersFlexible Shafts & AttachmentsFloor & Wall ScrapersFloor SqueegeesFlooring & Electricians ChiselsFlooring ClampsFlooring TrowelsFolding & Carpenters SquaresFore PlanesForksForstner & Lip & Spur BitsFret - Piercing Saws & BladesG ClampsGaffer & Builders TapesGarden RakesGarden SprayersGardening Hand ToolsGardening KnivesGauges - Screw PitchGauges - WireGauging TrowelsGeologist Pick HammersGlass & Tile LiftersGlasscuttersGrafting ShovelsGrease Gun ConnectorsGrease Gun Flexible TubesGrease Guns & Barrel PumpsGrinding Wheels & Wheel DressersGrout RakesGrout Sponges & SqueegeesHacking KnivesHacksaw BladesHacksawsHalf Round FilesHammer TackersHand AxesHand BrushesHand Drills & BracesHand FilesHand TackersHand Wire BrushesHandles & WedgesHarling TrowelsHasp & StaplesHawksHeavy-Duty TackersHedge ShearsHexagon Key SetsHexagon KeysHinge - Boring BitsHoes, Weeders & CultivatorsHop UpsHose GunsHose Reels, Carts & GuidesHosesHSS Jobber, Twist Drills for MetalImmersion Heater SpannersInsulated Cable ShearsInsulated Combination PliersInsulated Diagonal & Side Cutting PliersInsulated Long Nose PliersInsulated SetsInsulated Slip Joint PliersInsulated Wire Stripping PliersJenny CalipersJewellers & Instrument ScrewdriversJointer PlanesJubilee Clips & Hose ClipsJunior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & BladesKnee PadsKnives - ChiselKnives - FillingKnives - PuttyKnives - StrippingLandscape & Hay RakesLath HammersLawn & Grass ShearsLawn & Leaf RakesLeader WrenchesLetter PunchesLevel BagsLine BlocksLine PinsLine, Pocket & Post LevelsLino KnifeLitter PickersLocking ClampsLocking PliersLong Taper PunchesLoppers - AnvilLoppers - BypassMains Testers & Screw GripManhole KeysManure Forks and Hay ForksMarking GaugesMarking KnivesMasking TapeMasonry Drill BitsMattocksMechanic & Fitters VicesMetal Cut Off DiscsMetal Grinding DiscsMetal, Power, Joist & Stud DetectorsMicrowave Leak DetectorMidget & Margin TrowelsMini & Radiator Rollers & RefillsMiniature Woodworking ToolsMitre Boxes & BlocksMitre Saw BladesMixed Jigsaw Blade SetsMixing BoardsMixing PaddlesMopsMortar RakesMortice & Combination GaugesMouse Sanding AccessoriesMuck Buckets & Builders TubsMulti-MetersMulti-Purpose DiscsMulti-purpose VicesMulti-Sander SheetsMulti-Tool AccessoriesMulti-Tool PliersMultitoolsNail PullersNeedle FilesNumber PunchesNutspinnersNylon & Plastic HammersNylon Wheels & BrushesOil Cans, Guns & SpoutsOrganisersPacking TapePadsaws & BladesPaint KettlesPaint, Floor & Wall ScrapersPaper Rolls - 100mmPaper Rolls - 115mmPaperhanging BrushesParallel Pin PunchesParts StoragePaste BrushesPatio BrushesPavers MaulsPick AxesPick Up Tools & Inspection MirrorsPin Chucks - VicesPipe & Tube Benders & SparesPipe Cutters - AdjustablePipe Cutters - Plastic TubePipe Cutters - Replacement WheelsPipe Cutters - Single HandedPipe WrenchesPlane - Irons & CuttersPlane - SparesPlaner - Accessories & BladesPlanishing HammerPlasterers & Finishing TrowelsPlasterers Bath & Mud PansPlasterers Stilts & AccessoriesPlastic & Nylon Wall PlugsPlastic FloatsPlatform BroomsPlier SetsPlug Cutters & Screw DiggersPlugging ChiselsPlumb BobsPlumbing & Heating ConsumablesPlungersPointing & Grouting GunsPointing TrowelsPosthole Diggers & AugersPower Tool Accessory KitsProfile GaugesProtective Grips for ChiselsPruning SawsPry, Handy & Utility BarsPumps, Tyre Depth & Pressure GaugesRadiator & Valve KeysRatchet ScrewdriversRebate PlanesReplacement JawsReplacement Shovel HandlesRevolving Punch PliersRiveters & RivetsRoad Wheels & Track MeasureRollers, Refills & Frames 230mm (9in)Rollers, Refills & Frames 300mm (12in)Roof Seal & Bitumen ProductsRoofers & Slaters HammersRoofers & Slaters ToolsRoofing SquaresRopes & TwinesRotary RaspsRound FilesRouter Bit SetsRubble & Bin BagsRules - AluminiumRules - Stainless SteelRules - Wooden & Plastic FoldingSafety, Warning & Barrier TapesSand Paper - Aluminium Oxide ClothSand Paper - Aluminium Oxide Floor SandingSand Paper - GlasspaperSand Paper - Wet & DrySanding BeltsSanding Cloth CoilsSanding DiscsSanding Pads, Blocks & SpongesSash ClampsSaw Horses, Roller Stands & TrestlesScaffold SpannersScalesScaling & Chipping HammersScissorsScratch BrushesScrew Extractors & Bolt GripsScutch Comb Holders, Combs & ChiselsScutch HammersScythe Stones & Rubbing BricksScythes & Grass HooksSDS Max Drill BitsSDS Plus Drill BitsSealant Cleaner & ToolsSealant, Mastic & Skeleton GunsSeam RollersSecateurs - AnvilSecateurs - BypassSecurity ChainsShave HooksShims & WedgesShoe KnivesSledge HammersSliding BevelsSmall ToolsSmoothing & Jack PlanesSnap-Off Knives & Blades 18mmSnap-Off Knives & Blades 9mmSpanners - Combination MetricSpanners - Combination SetsSpanners - Ratchet Head MetricSpanners for Grinding Pads & Gas BottlesSpecialist Flooring ToolsSpecialist KnivesSpecialist Mechanics ToolsSplitting Axes & MaulsSplitting WedgesSpokeshavesSponge & Rubber FloatsSpray AdhesivesSprayer MachinesSpreadersSpring Joint CalipersSteel & Wire WoolSteels - 21mm Hex ShankSteels - SDS Max FittingSteels - SDS Plus FittingStep Drills & BradradsStillson WrenchesStone Cut Off DiscsStone Grinding DiscsStopcock KeysSuperflow Paint BrushesSupport PropsT Bar ClampsT Shank Blades - MetalT Shank Blades - WoodT Shank Diamond-Ceramic BladesT Shank Laminated BladesTable VicesTack LifterTack, Jewellers & Upholstery HammersTaper DrillsTapes - Diameter, Marking & DippingTaping & Joint KnivesTaps & DiesTarpaulinsTexture Brushes & ScratchersThermometers and HygrometersThree Square FilesTie-DownsTile Cutters - Flat BedTile Cutters - HandTile FilesTile Marking PencilsTile SawsTile ScorersTile SpacersTiling, Mastic & Adhesive TrowelsTiN Coated & Cobalt Jobber DrillsTinsnipsTool BagsTool ChestsTool Pouches & Work BeltsToolboxes - MetalToolboxes - MobileToolboxes - PlasticToolmakers ClampsTorpedo, Scaffold & Boat LevelsTorx Key SetsTote BagsTow Ropes & Safety ConesTrammel HeadsTrenching ShovelsTrimming Knife BladesTrimming Knives - FoldingTrimming Knives - RetractableTrolleysTrowel SetsTrucksTry & Mitre SquaresTweezersTwist Knot Cup Brushes for GrindersTwist Knot Wheels for GrindersUtility Paint BrushesVernier CalipersVice Jaws & Fibre GripsVoltage TestersWall Masonry BrushesWallpaper ScissorsWarrington & Joiners HammersWater & Submersible PumpsWater LevelsWaterproof TapeWaterpump, Multi & Slip Joint PliersWeb StretcherWindow - Tuck PointersWindow & Glass ScrapersWire StrippersWire Wheels with ShanksWood & Horse RaspsWood & Timber Care BrushesWood Carving ToolsWood ChiselsWood Turning ToolsWoodwork VicesWork ApronsWrecking & Gorilla Bars