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Mini and Radiator Rollers & Refills

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Product Listing

DynaGrip™ Mini Roller & Refills
Stanley Tools
Mini Roller Emulsion & Gloss Kit 100mm (4in)
Stanley Tools
Max Finish Mini Roller Kit 100mm (4in)
Stanley Tools
2 Medium Pile Silver Stripe Sleeve 100mm (4in)
Stanley Tools
From £2.48
High Density Foam Refills 100mm (4in) 2 Pack
Stanley Tools
Jumbo Mini Roller Set with 2 Sleeves 100mm (4in)
Stanley Tools
Roller Kit with 4 Sleeves 100mm (4in)
Stanley Tools
Mini Roller Frame 100 x 280mm (4 x 11in)
Stanley Tools
Long Reach Roller Frame 100 x 533mm (4 x 21in)
Stanley Tools
MaxFinish Concave Foam Gloss Sleeve 120mm (4.3/4in) 2 Pack
Stanley Tools
Mini Foam Gloss Sleeve 100mm (4in) 10 Pack
Stanley Tools
Mini Mohair Gloss Sleeve 100mm (4in) 2 Pack
Stanley Tools

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