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ROCOL Lubricants manufacture a range of innovative greases, metalworking fluids, lubricants & oils designed to meet today's challenging operating conditions.


ROCOL's commitment to new product development is unrivalled with experienced chemists dedicated in formulating cutting edge technology that offers - superior performance - quality- reliability- cost savings.

Key ROCOL Lubricants brands include:

FOODLUBE ® The essential link in the food chain

SAPPHIRE ® - Comprehensive range of advanced industrial lubricants and greases

AEROSPEC ® - Highly engineered greases for aerospace applications

ROCOLcare ®- Lubrication Management for the 21st Century

RTD ®- Metal cutting lubricant which doubles tool life

ULTRACUT - Technically advanced cutting & grinding fluids

V-cut- Value engineered metalworking fluids

Accu-Lube - Near dry micro-lubrication system

ROCOL Lubricants world class manufacturing facility works to all the major international standards, ensuring customers' requirements can be met quickly and efficiently every time: BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, INVESTOR IN PEOPLE.

With a world-wide network of companies and alliances, ROCOL products and services are available wherever you are.

Categories that feature ROCOL

Anti-Seize ProductsAssembly & Dry Film LubricantsChain LubricantsCleaning WipesCorrosion ProtectionFLAWFINDER Inspection ProductsFOODLUBE® ProductsGeneral Maintenance ProductsIndustrial CleanersLine Marking Paint & ApplicatorsMetal Cutting LubricantsMetal Marking Layout InksMould Release ProductsOpen Gear LubricantsPlumbing & Heating ConsumablesProduction Care & Maintenance ProductsSAPPHIRE® Bearing GreasesSPATTER RELEASE ProductsTool Anti-Corrosion ProductsWire Rope Lubricants  

Key Products

SAPPHIRE® 2 Bearing Grease Tube 400g
SAPPHIRE® Bearing Greases
RTD® Compound Tin 500g
Metal Cutting Lubricants
DRY MOLY Spray 400ml
Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants
Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants
Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants
MTLM Assembly and Running-in-paste 100g
Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants
OXYLUBE Spray 400ml
Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants
SAPPHIRE® Hi-Pressure Plain Bearing Grease 400g
SAPPHIRE® Bearing Greases
SAPPHIRE® 2 Bearing Grease Tub 5kg
SAPPHIRE® Bearing Greases
SAPPHIRE® Extreme Bearing Grease 400g
SAPPHIRE® Bearing Greases