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Flexipads World Class

Flexipads World Class™ have complete ranges of high quality British made products including Angle Grinder Pads and Spanners, Sander Polisher Pads, DA Sander Pads, Buffing and Polishing Foams, Wool Pads and Pads for Stone.

Categories that feature Flexipads World Class

Angle Grinder PadsBuffing & Polishing FoamsDIY Sanding & Polishing KitsDual Action Sander PadsHook & Loop Grip® BonnetsLock Nuts for Grinder PadsMedium Density Pads for Polishing & GrindingPads for Stone FinishingPolishing ConsumablesRigid Pads with Extragrip for SCD'sSanding Pads, Blocks & SpongesSoft Interface Cushion PadsSpanners for Grinding PadsSpindle Pads & AbrasivesSuper Flex Pads without Foam LayerTie-On Bonnets - Premium Pure SheepskinTie-On Bonnets - Regular Non-Sheepskin