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Extendable Ratchet 1/2in Drive

This Facom Extendable Ratchet has a highly durable, dust proof and maintenance free head mechanism. 72 teeth provide a small working arc of 5° for precise work.

The ratchet extends from 264mm to 397mm, and the length can be adjusted by one hand. The ratchet is locked at the desired length by a ball mechanism, with no risk of length change during use.

The long plastic handle has a hook at its end for hanging and working at height.

Drive: 1/2in square.
Length: 264 - 397mm.
Head dimensions: 37 x 34mm.

Price £119.59
Delivery Status: Will be despatched within 2/3 working days
brandlogo Code: FCMSXL161
Stock: Will be despatched within 2/3 working days

Box Content

1 x Facom Extendable Ratchet 1/2in Drive

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