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EMIR, began life in 1932, quickly earning a reputation for the craftsmanship that went into its range of wooden planes and other quality hand tools.

The name had been associated with hand-tool manufacture since 1852, when manufacturing began in the town of Remscheid, Germany. The Bermondsey, London, workshop was established by Friedrich Wilhelm Emmerich.

In addition to tools, the Bermondsey Company manufactured a simple, general-purpose craft bench and over the following 70 plus years, EMIR has manufactured thousands of benches for schools and colleges throughout the UK and for some 40 other countries.

Today, after over 70 years of trading from the UK, EMIR has gained a world-wide reputation as engineers and manufacturers in wood and urethane, with a product range that includes hand tools and many more.

The EMIR range of benches for education is rooted in a design, which uses interchangeable hardwood components that can be drawbolted together in different combinations. The tops feature the characteristic EMIR brace end that ensures flatness.


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Web Stretcher
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