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Rotary Thread Rescue 752

The BOA Rotary Thread Rescue 752 is the worlds only rotary thread restoration tool. Restores any damaged thread: Male, Female, right, left, inch, metric, pipe, in seconds. Repairs any pitch thread. Replaces the need for kits, taps & dies, thread ploughs etc.

Suitable for use in trade, commercial and home, use in workshops, agricultural, auto repair, machinery anything with a thread that you need to work on.

Use with a drill, multi-tool or die grinder.

Product Size: 2cm diameter x 5cm overall x 4.45cm reach x 6mm (1/4 inch) shank.
Shank Pitches: down to 28 TPI (0.8 metric).
Fits: 1.27cm (1/2in hole).

Price £12.74
Delivery Status: Will be despatched next working day
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Box Content

1 x BOA Rotary Thread Rescue 752

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